How to Use Offline Siri on iPhone Running iOS 15

All of the Apple devices come with some pre-loaded programs that any of its users can easily access. Siri is one of them that comes pre-installed on iPhones, iPads, Mac, and Apple Watches. Siri is Apple’s virtual voice assistant, and it is quite popular among its users. Although, the service doesn’t work without an internetContinue reading “How to Use Offline Siri on iPhone Running iOS 15”

What are the Ways to Resolve Printer HP K7100 Error?

If you are struggling with one of the HP printer error codes, you are looking for the solution in the right place. One of these error codes includes the HP K7100 error, which is quite frustrating while printing or scanning documents. These error problems sometimes represent common errors, and sometimes they include mechanical faults. InContinue reading “What are the Ways to Resolve Printer HP K7100 Error?”

How Much Voice Recognition Will Affect the Future of Search Engine Result?

Technology has gradually decreased human effort. And now, people no longer need to type anything. Take Google Assistant, for example. All you need to do is ask for anything using the microphone, and then the prominent search engine will show you the result. This is the same as typing for anything in the search barContinue reading “How Much Voice Recognition Will Affect the Future of Search Engine Result?”

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code E16 on Your Printer Immediately?

Among several brands of the printer, Canon is the most popular one, which not only offers printing service but smooth and fine quality experience as well. When we talk about printers or any machine, it is possible to receive error codes. As these machines run continuously for hours and hours, they might face some strugglesContinue reading “How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code E16 on Your Printer Immediately?”

Reset Brother Printer to Fix Errors

Brother is a famous printer manufacturer that has earned recognition worldwide for making feature-rich printers. A brother printer may annoy a user when it shows an error code. Error codes are tricky to resolve. Not everyone can do the job of fixing the error codes. One can get rid of the number of error codesContinue reading “Reset Brother Printer to Fix Errors”

Electronically Sign PDF Documents Without Printing

If you are irritated and tired of printing, signing, and scanning the PDF doc, you must sign the PDF forms after each PDF. So, if you want to save your time, the simple way is to sign the digital doc electronically. Here are some directions to electronically sign PDF docs without printing. Using the AdobeContinue reading “Electronically Sign PDF Documents Without Printing”

A Cloud Gaming Console Called Legion Play from Lenovo Is A Defective Idea

Well, the reports still haven’t been confirmed, and at best, can be regarded as rumors. However, the leaks have come from a reliable source. If the recent leaks are to be interpreted, then it is imminent that a prominent tech company called Lenovo is making its in-house gaming console. The leak reports have stemmed fromContinue reading “A Cloud Gaming Console Called Legion Play from Lenovo Is A Defective Idea”

Fixed: Instagram Notification not Working

Instagram is one of the best and trendy social media applications. But according to some users, their Instagram notifications are not working. Most users were facing this annoying issue and complained about it. So, if you are one of them, then here are some directions to solve your problem. Check the Notification Settings of InstagramContinue reading “Fixed: Instagram Notification not Working”

Why is My Canon Printer Displaying “Check Ink” 1486 Support Code

Over the years, users have received high-end printing features in Canon printers along with great customer service as well. The brand has provided printers that are extremely user-friendly and are available in a vast range of varieties. However, considering it is a machine, the printer is bound to struggle with glitches, whether it is inContinue reading “Why is My Canon Printer Displaying “Check Ink” 1486 Support Code”

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 30

Are you looking for a procedure to fix the “Printer not activated error code 30” message? If you have become completely tired of searching for the solution to the Canon printer error code 30, you have come to the right place. We will explain multiple methods to repair the error in this blog. Before weContinue reading “How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 30”

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